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MUDMATCH is a 3-4 mile obstacle course and festival that offers you what no others do, an opportunity to meet your MUDMATCH! Bring your match, meet your match... and bring your friends! MUDMATCH runs and events prides itself as the provider of an innovative arena of physical challenges, social networking, and just plain fun! MUDMATCH is something different than photo dating or pre-matchmaking and certainly more comfortable than blind dates! This... is the REAL match making!

This is an obstacle course like you've never experienced before!
MUDMATCH is truly unique and unlike any other event.
So get ready for the fun!

Our festival will provide entertainment well into the night. MUDMATCH offers great music with Live Bands, DJ and Emcee hosting a variety of different raffle contests and CASH giveaways for all and any attendees at our event!

You will explore new possibilities and have an experience of a lifetime that is unlike any other race or participant event you have been to before! We are sure that MUDMATCH will be the best time you can imagine and leave you coming back for more! Come get muddy, roll around and have a great time!

MUDMATCH Signature Wristbands
Multicolored MUDMATCH MM signature wristbands are provided for ALL event Participants. These are available at the event for Spectators as well. How It Works:

  • The colors are indicative of your "social status" for your comfort.
  • Single(s) shall be provided Green MM signature wristbands.
  • Non-Single(s) shall be provided Blue MM signature wristbands.

MUDMATCH Social Grounds
Our grounds are located directly next to premiere obstacles to enjoy the best of what a MUDMATCH course has to offer. The grounds are for Spectators (and possibly participants) during the race that is always evolving into something new and fun. Spectators who dare may spend time in the grounds up close to an obstacle, cheer on race participants, and enjoy a new and exciting social atmosphere.